After years of working in the healthcare and wellness field including providing wellness coaching on behalf of a major healthcare company, Angela saw the need for workplace wellness solutions. Ms. Harris created her Business Wellness Programs to address this significant need and to offer her services to companies.

Ms. Harris offers workplace wellness programs which aim to address stress management, conflict resolution and overall wellness strategies (healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness). She also has programs which address workplace diversity and inclusion. These programs promote fairness for all employees (taking into consideration race, age, gender. ethnicity, and so on) so all can feel valued and accepted in the workplace. Her programs help to increase employee productivity which ultimately impact company profitability. Programs are offered on-site, via online courses and Zoom events.

Please note: Many of the programs can be offered on line and are idea for work at home employees or situations where face to face meetings are not available.




  • Presentations and discussions on topics such as stress management, how to make healthier food choices, the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle etc.

  • Diversity and inclusion training which can be delivered via Zoom or pre-recorded content. This is an excellent resource to include in your new employee training.

  • Lunch and Learn presentations (Angela will educate your employees while they eat lunch!) in person, via Zoom and other virtual outlets 

  • Create a healthy office cookbook

  • Facilitate delivery of healthy snacks, fresh fruits and veggies to your employees, clients, members etc.

  • Wellness challenges and contests

  • Wellness newsletter content (Angela creates the content, you include it in your newsletter or distribute to your readers, employees, clients etc.Self-paced wellness programs (discount rate)

  • Individual Counseling (discount rate)
  • And more!

  • Offers education, support, and accountability to encourage healthy lifestyle changes 

  • Increase morale and over all well-being

  • Stress management seminars work to address an important concern for many people. Stress can lead to the development of other serious problems, such as stomach ulcers, stroke, asthma, and heart disease. 

  • Corporate wellness programs help to create healthier employees thus significantly lowering health care costs. Companies also benefit with decreased absenteeism in the workplace through a healthier workforce. Please note, unhealthy employees result in workdays lost and rising healthcare costs. Currently, less than 20% of adults get the recommended amount of physical activity. Unhealthy employees are unproductive at work for an equivalent of 57.5 days per year. In contrast, healthy employees take 27% fewer sick days, and report 14 - 25% fewer disability days.

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