Over 40 Style and Beauty for Classy Women

September 24, 2018

As a counselor, I stress to my clients the importance of living life with purpose. In doing so, that includes doing things outside of work and family that bring joy. It is important to work on the inner, to understand who we are (self awareness), why we are like we are (our history) and if we need to do work to improve areas of our lives, then commit to doing so. Overall, it is important to spend more time building our strengths and less time focusing on our weaknesses. Once you clear the clutter from your mind, you will be free to uncover things that will make you happy and ultimately guide you towards living life with purpose in accordance to God's plan. 


For me, I have always enjoyed fashion and all things beauty. I love sharing style and beauty advice from my perspective (especially for classy women over the age of 40). As  we mature, our sense of fashion, style and beauty should  not diminish. We should have the same excitement for looking, smelling and feeling our best as we did when we was younger! This blog is for us...a place to rejoice...to share...to even reinvent your personal style. This blog is a place to honor and celebrate...US...as the  magnificent women that we are. Fashion and beauty is forever!


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