Decluttering Edition: DIY Tea Bar

May 10, 2017

Several years ago, I went on a journey toward living a more minimal lifestyle.  I started from the bottom of my home to the top of my home. I purged, I sold, I donated. The goal was to declutter my home---and as I moved forward with this journey, I realized I was decluttering my mind--decluttering my life!


My goal was to have a home where I knew where everything was.  I wanted to be able to clearly see from one side of a room to the other. Now, just a note...I have always been a neat person but I must confess, I had a lot of "stuff."  This journey was not easy, especially when it came to my closet. I had so many clothes and shoes. I had convinced myself that it was important to keep each item although I had not worn many of them in years. They simply looked good on the hangers. I had over 100 pairs of shoes and yes, I believed each pair was there for a reason.  


As I moved forward with this journey, I discovered I was living in fear...scared to let go of the past...scared to make room for the future.  How can one fully embrace the future when they are holding on to things that are taking up space...valuable space that could be occupied  by something shiny and new! So now, my home is FREE, my mind is FREE--open to the prospect of what this beautiful world has to offer.   


This video will show you how I took an old cabinet (one I couldn't part with...just yet...and made it into a tea/beverage bar. Are you holding on to things, people, memories that are taking up valuable space in your existence...Maybe it is time to declutter!



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