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I love motivating girls and am  the author

of a children's book called,

Mommy What is a CEO?  

I have been a featured author and speaker at many events

including the Congressional  Caucus Legislative Conference in

Washington, DC.,

New York Book Festival,

the Gaithersburg

Book Festival, featured author

and speaker at the Annual Red

Carpet Showcase, recognizing

rising authors sponsored by

the Delta Sigma

Theta Sorority, Inc. and more!

Pink Sugar

Children's Book

The Children's Book for Girls Where A Little Imagination

Makes  Dreams Come True!


Calling all girls ages 4 to 12!!!
Check out Angela's motivating and inspirational book, Mommy What is a CEO?,
the book that encourages girls to be the
CEO of their lives!

  • Introduces girls to the concept of entrepreneurship 

  • Encourages leadership skills

  • Fun, engaging and motivational. Teaches girls, the desire and ability to do great things start with the thought that they can.

Author, Angela Harris

Illustrated by Debbie Chapman


Recommended Ages: Early Readers ages 3 to 5 (with parents) and 6 to 11 (independent readers)


Pink Sugar

Calling all girls ages 12 to 14!!!

Now Available


Mommy What is a CEO

Goal Setting Planner

 for Girl Bosses. 

Goals help children learn responsibility, but they also teach them how to plan and think for their future


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More About the Book

Book Description

Faith receives an unexpected gift from her mother--a pretty shirt with the words, Lil CEO written on it. This gift opens her eyes to a wonderful world of possibilities. Her mother tells her something special that motivates her to dream of what it means to be the owner of a business. Faith closes her eyes and dreams of Lollipops...Dolls...and a creative invention. Come and discover how Faith uses her vivid imagination to explore what it means to be the CEO of her very own company! This book will make the perfect gift for that special girl in your life.

Why Did Angela Write the Book?

Angela wrote this delightful book to encourage success for young girls in a fun and motivational manner. She believe every girl can be successful if parents and educators recognize the individual strengths that are instinctive to the child and in doing so, cultivate such talents. The key point of the book is to expose girls at an early age to the idea of leadership and entrepreneurship. Angela's desire is to plant the seeds that girls can and should go after their dreams. The overall belief and one that is carried out in the story is, the desire and ability to do great things starts with the thought that they can. She wants girls to grow up believing they are the Chief Executives...OF their lives no matter what career path they pursue!  

Why Is Angela Harris a CEO?

Angela wants to recognize and embrace her God-given spiritual gifts to motivate and inspire, counsel and coach girls with the intent to help them overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Her wish is to make a positive difference. Angela believes every female is unique and should not be impetuously labeled based on one-dimensional classifications of behavior or actions.  Ms. Harris found ALHsuccesslines and wrote this book to offer girls a variety of inspirational solutions. She wants to lead them to embrace opportunities, to focus on strengths not weaknesses and to discover and rediscover their true gifts for living. Her book has been widely received and featured at such events as the 2014 New York Book Festival, where the book was awarded the Children's Book "Honorable Mention" recognition, Baltimore Book Festival 2014, Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference, Gaithersburg Book Festival etc. Through Angela's compilation of work, she aims to be instrumental in moving girls along the path of success in life.

Speaking Engagements, Book Tours, Customers

Sponsor Appreciation!

Thank you to one of our sponsors Wegmans, for helping to make the Successful-You-Are-A-CEO Tour a success!

Successful-You-Are-A-CEO Tour

Successful girls eat cake! Thank you Wegmans!

Boys and Girls Club of the Nations Capital

Delighted to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Nations Capital.

Girls and Boys Club (Baltimore)

Ms. Harris presented her Successful-You-Are-A-CEO Tour for the girls at the Boys and Girls Club (Baltimore, Md).

Successful-You-Are-A-CEO Tour

Ms. Harris presented her Successful-You-Are-A-CEO Tour to the girls at the Boys and Girls Club (Germantown, Md)

Partnership with Girl Scouts of Nations Capital

Ms. Harris, Successful-You-Are-A-CEO speaker at the the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Career Day

Juliette Girl Scouts

Ms. Harris, featured speaker for the Juliettes (Houston, Texas) Successful-You-Are-A-CEO presentation

The Tour Continues!

Ms. Harris presented her Successful-You-Are-A-CEO for the girls empowerment event at the DC Housing Authority

Girls Tea Motivation

Ms. Harris, keynote speaker, Girls Tea at Brockbridge Elementary School.

Mommy What is a CEO? Event

Ms. Harris, keynote speaker at the Brockbridge Elementary School. Teaching girls to be the CEO of their lives!


Thank you to one of the supporters of the book, Mommy What is a CEO?

CBC Legislative Conference

Ms. Harris, speaker, Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference

Congressional Black Caucus

Ms. Harris, featured author and speaker at the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative event (Washington, DC)

Thanks to our sponsor!

Thank you to our sponsor, Mr. Malone!

CBC Supporter!

Thank you to a supporter for the book, Mommy What is a CEO?

American University Mentoring Program

Ms. Harris was awarded Mentor of the Year at the American University 'WE' Are Empowered Mentoring Program.

American University Mentoring Program

Ms. Harris was awarded Mentor of the Year at the American University 'WE' Are Empowered Mentoring Program.

Speaking Event

Presentation speaker for women at a women's conference. Ms. Harris motivates women too!

Mommy What is a CEO?

Children's book for Girls by Angela Harris

Special Thanks!

Thank you

Wegmans Supermarket 

for your continued sponsorship support for our  

Successful-You-Are-A-CEO programs!

We work hard to put together

unforgettable events for girls.

Pink Bubbles

What People Say

John Larson, Two Hands Design

"A delightful story that inspires success and following a dream for children. Mommy What is a CEO? was a joy to read. Beautifully illustrated, and a well written story by Angela Harris. Its enjoyable to come across a book that is positive and promotes a sense of accomplishment and a "can do spirit" in children. Reading the story, I was struck by the sense of love the mother has for her young daughter, Faith. It's that mother's attention, love (and Gift) to young Faith at the beginning of the story that inspires Faith to understand and dream of all the possibilities that lay before her, as well as how to become and want to be a leader. The story tackles a difficult topic...What is a CEO...and breaks it down into fun, easy terms and examples for any child or (Little CEO) to understand and go forward to apply it to their own life. A wonderful journey, a wonderful essence, have "Faith" in yourself, and you can accomplish anything.''

Melissa DeGenova,
Montgomery County
Public Schools

 I highly recommend this book. It is inspiring for girls to read books about running a company. It is written in an engaging way and encourages girls to dream big and be ambitious!"

Juliet Girls Scouts, Houston, Texas

"There are people who know who they are, what they're about, what they alone can give. And just like them, the gifts they share are a true blessing. You're someone who doesn't compromise on being the person only you could be, someone who doesn't hold back on sharing the gifts only you can give. And I, for one, just want to say Thank you. Thank you, Thank you...Ms. Harris, Thank you so much for speaking with our Girl Scouts. You have truly blessed us on our trip to Washington, DC. We look forward to a continuous relationship with you.''

Karol Mallory

"Good morning! Congratulations on selling out at the Gaithersburg festival! That is a fabulous indicator of how well your book will be received going forward! This is just wonderful!!! This venture is going to open up a whole wide world for you...I feel it in my heart! You'll be on Oprah's book list very soon...I really believe that! The subject matter of the book is extremely timely! Please keep me posted on all developments of the book promotion. I am very excited and happy for you!!! Just keep following your heart and your dreams. I think YOU are the amazing one. I think you're setting such an outstanding example for your daughters in how you live your life...nurturing and guiding them, while at the same time pursuing you own dreams and exercising your own God given talents to the fullest."

Colin Yearwood, Business Owner

"We're excited about reading the book to our granddaughters, Kasey age 7 and Kendall age  I just ordered two t-shirts to go with the book:). I appreciate the work you do to inspire girls and will be ordering another t-shirt for my soon-to-be one year old niece. Thank you!"

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