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I am a spiritual wellness counselor. My goal is to be your partner to facilitate personal change, to help you manage your stress, and to help you flourish. I work with businesses, schools, medical firms and personal clients.

Spiritual wellness coaching is a partnership between you and me. I will work to help you flourish through setting goals and habits, establishing new perspectives in your life, and cultivating sustainable changes. Coaching is serious work that helps you dig deep into your inner self. I will use coaching tools to help you identify your fears, feel more confident, and establish life goals. My hope in each session is to help you be the best version of yourself!


Angela Harris became a Spiritual Counselor because of a strong calling and her innate concern for others. The goals and outcome for her counseling includes, brainstorm to reveal innermost thoughts and beliefs that unconsciously haunt and may inhibit emotional growth, clearly identifying and communicating personal stumbling blocks such as fear, self-doubt and other insecurities, formulating a plan-of-action to lead toward a more purposeful life and finally rejoicing, being thankful and celebrating success!

The goal of Angela's counseling programs are to help girls' and women live purposeful lives by introducing them to new outlooks that will ultimately unleash unrealized potential.


The philosophy of Angela's counseling is to identify limiting beliefs based on such factors as childhood trauma, feelings of incompetence, fear and anxiety, unresolved issues, ineffective coping skills, stress--all which interfere with growth and inhibit the ability to live purposeful lives. Angela's goal is to naturally create an opportunity to build expanding and constructive beliefs. Angela assists clients in the process of identifying weaknesses but more important helping them identify strengths and in doing so, provides strategies for personal development based on those strengths. 

Ms. Harris has devised a method of practice to help clients achieve their goals in a realistic and spiritually gratifying manner. Her Christian counseling is for proactive females who are looking for inspirational support during challenging times or for those who simply want to clarify matters so that they can move on to purposeful living. Ms. Harris offers Tele-Counseling sessions for current or new clients who prefer a phone session. She also offers face to face sessions for local clients in her office or if preferred less formal settings.



  • Women, Teens, Girls Christian Counseling 

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression

  • Life Coach Counseling and Consultation

  • Church Conflict Christian Counseling

  • Eating Disorders

  • Leadership Development in Youths

  • Senior Adult Christian Counseling

  • Family Christian Counseling

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Business Wellness Programs

Christian Counseling Self Paced Wellness Programs

Angela Harris has devised comprehensive self paced wellness programs to guide you on the road to emotional well being. The programs can be completed at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Angela does include 30 minutes of tele-conferencing to answer questions, offer guidance, extend words of support or discuss personal concerns with each paid program. 

How to Make an Appointment  

  1. To schedule a FREE 30 consultation (new clients), click here

  2. After the request is received, Ms. Harris will coordinate the consultation time with you  

  3. Existing clients can make appointments via Ms. Harris Google calendar, click here

  4. View available times and days and select your appointment time

  5. Ms. Harris will email your confirmation

Payment Methods

  1. Existing clients may pay here via PayPal

  2. We also accept personal check, Visa and MasterCard

  3. Invoices will be rendered for your records

  4. Make checks payable to: Angela Grider

  5. PayPal Information:

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase a wellness program, you are paying for hours (for instance $200.00 or 3 hours of service). You must use your hours within a 6 month period from the date of purchase (no refunds are offered on wellness programs). 

  • Payment is due preferably prior to the session or you may pay the day of service (face to face clients only).

For more information, please fill out the form below

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Financial/Payment Policies

ALHsuccesslines Christian Counseling Service is a ministry that keeps its fees affordable, because Angela Harris has a desire to minister to those who need help now.
Initial 30 Minute Consultation                                  FREE                  
Regular 60 Minute Session                                      $75.00
3 Session Package (3 hours)                                    $200.00
5 Session Package (5 hours)                                    $350.00
Self-Paced Emotional Wellness Programs              (Please Inquire)


Does ALHsuccesslines Christian Counseling Accept Insurance?

Services offered are generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. We are not in any network for insurance companies and do not file claims for you, but a few insurance companies will reimburse for biblical counseling if you submit the proper forms.

Coverage and benefits for traditional therapy and counseling services change from one health insurance company to another and from plan to plan, but generally the following rules apply:

  • With many health insurance plans, coverage can be partial or very limited.

  • Even if your plan covers all your costs, the co-pay that you would be required to contribute may be higher than the entire cost of services.

  • Please note Angela Harris offers very affordable pricing options which are typically comparable with the co-pays of most insurance plans.

We will provide you with a receipt to submit to insurance or your employer if you desire. Most flex spending and HSA’s can be used like a credit card.

New Clients Forms
(print and complete before
first appointment)





Wellness Resources

  What is Christian Counseling?

People have a lot of questions about what is spiritual counseling. First, spiritual counseling is not “beating people over the head with the Bible.” Nor is it saying, “take two verses and call me in the morning.” And it is not one-problem, one-verse, one-quick-solution. While no one person can provide the final definition, here is a working definition of what makes Christian counseling truly biblical.

So what is the difference between Christian counseling and secular counseling? While there are hundreds of different secular approaches to counseling, they all have two central features in common. First, secular counseling depends upon human reason and research to answer life questions about people, problems, and solutions. Christian counseling depends upon spiritual revelation to build a comprehensive, compassionate, culturally-informed approach to who we are, what went wrong, and how to solve the issues of the soul. Second, secular counseling, especially in our post-modern age, assumes that there is no final answer, no all-encompassing story that explains the meaning of life. Christian counseling, while appreciating our human limitations and understanding our cultural diversity, believes that God has given us all that we need for life and godliness.


A Christian counselor will work with you comprehensively. You can expect your counselor to assist you spiritually, socially to love others more effectively, and self-consciously to understand and apply who you are. Your counselor will help you rationally to renew your mind so that you see your life, God, others, and yourself from an eternal perspective. Your counselor will work with you willfully so that you understand why you do what you do. Your counselor will engage you emotionally so that you learn to manage your moods, soothe your soul and help others with their emotions.​


Christian counseling will help you to face your suffering face-to-face with God. Christian counseling sustains you so you know that it’s normal to hurt, and it brings God’s healing to you so that you know that it’s possible to hope. You will experience soul care from your Christian counselor. Instead of running, hiding, and covering up with layer upon layer of self-sufficiency, you will learn to “return home” like the prodigal son did. In returning home, your counselor will help you to reconcile with God and others—repenting, asking forgiveness, and granting forgiveness. You will learn that it’s wonderful to forgive and be forgiven. In counseling you will also find guidance so that you learn how to apply the truth that it’s supernatural to mature. You will experience spiritual direction from your biblical counselor.

A Christian counselor has a special gifting and specialized training for a more focused ministry of Christian counseling. You should see a counselor when you sense that your relationships with God, others, and yourself are spiraling downward despite your best efforts. You should see a counselor when you recognize that your beliefs about life are colored by earthly perspectives and foolish judgments that you can’t seem to correct on your own. You should see a counselor when you find yourself yielding to purposes and actions that defy your core beliefs, but you can’t seem to change. You should see a counselor when you feel that you are less and less able to handle your emotions and manage your moods. In other words, you should see a counselor when life’s sufferings are overwhelming.


What happens in a Christian counseling session? What can I expect in session? To a large degree, that depends on you, your reasons for counseling and where you are in the counseling process (first meeting or last meeting, focused on hurts, etc.). Broadly speaking, you should expect a process of speaking the truth in love. That does not mean the counselor preaches at you. It means that you engage in dialogues where you and your counselor seek to apply spiritual wisdom to your life issues. You and your counselor will be involved in spiritual conversations where you think about life from a spiritual perspective, and you will be involved in explorations where you discuss relevant applications of pertinent passages to your specific life situations and relationships. You should expect your counselor to empathize with your hurts, to encourage you with Christian hope, to exhort you with spiritual truth that exposes heart issues, and to empower you with principles that equip you to be a better lover of God and others. You should expect the “process” to be “real and raw.” The counselor will give you her own soul—caring and connecting deeply.

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