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I believe you must bring your whole self to the table so I'll share how my passion for helping others and emotional wellness from a mind, body and soul perspective evolved to get me to where I am today."


I founded ALHsuccesslines Wellness with the mission to move women and girls towards wellness in the areas of mind (thought, life and patterns), emotions (emotions & relationships), physical (movement, nutrition) and spiritual (awareness and relating to a person's spirit and peace).


As a Spiritual Counselor, I use the tools of the mental health profession, the truths of spirituality and the wisdom of life experience to help those in need. My education and professional experience has focused on the fields of psychology, theology and life skills development. I integrate mind, body and spirit, with the intent to bring women and girls to wholeness.

I started my private practice with the desire to incorporate my sincere appreciation for wellness and improving the lives of others through the content and programs that I share.


I received an undergraduate degree in Behavior and Social Science and a MA degree, Cum Laude (High Distinctions) in Women's Studies/Christian/Pastoral Counseling. My academic experience also encompasses spiritual leadership and ministry. I have a certification/diploma in nutrition. In addition to counseling credentials, I also have specialized training and certification in the field of alternative healing.


I  worked in the medical field for over ten years, gaining experience as it relates to the diagnosing and the treatment of emotional issues relevant to women and girls including eating disorders, stress management, OCD, Anxiety, nutrition etc. I served as a consultant providing wellness and nutritional coaching for such companies as Remuda Ranch Hospital for Eating Disorders, Kaiser Permanente, Diet-to-Go Meal Planning etc. For over five years, I served as a Christian Counselor. 


I have been featured as a guest expert speaker presenting purposeful living strategies in news articles, radio shows, conferences, colleges, elementary, middle and high schools, faith based and youth organizations, political and government sponsored events.

I  enjoy motivating college students and was a mentor and featured speaker for the We Are Empowered program linking professional women as mentors to female students at American University. I  was awarded "Outstanding Mentor of the Year." 

I am a member of many professional organizations including the University of Maryland Alumni Association. I am a proud appointed member of the National Omicron-Psi Gold Honor Society, which recognizes graduate students for their excellent academic achievements and service in their community.

Fun Facts About Me
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I love motivating girls and am  the author of a children's book called, Mommy What is a CEO?  I have been a featured author and speaker at many events including the Congressional  Caucus Legislative Conference in Washington, DC., New York Book Festival, the Gaithersburg Book Festival and was a featured author and speaker at the Annual Red Carpet Showcase, recognizing rising authors sponsored by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.




I am the mother of two amazing daughters; older daughter went to college at the age of 16 and graduated with a Master's degree (with honors) in Forensic Psychology from George Washington University at the age of 22. My younger daughter received her Bachelor's degree (magna cum laude) in Business Management.


I enjoy spending time with family, exercising, preparing nutritional meals, home decorating and fashion/ beauty thus the reason I created my wellness and lifestyle You Tube channel, ALHsuccesslines TV. Overall, I embrace my spiritual gifts of encouraging and uplifting people, guiding them toward purposeful and positive living!

I believe in the words as quoted in one of my beloved grandmother's favorite songs by Mahalia Jackson:

“If I can help somebody, as I travel along / If I can help somebody, with a word or song. / If I can help somebody, from doing wrong, then my living shall not be in vain. / No, my living shall not be in vain.”

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