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Success Inspired Programs where the Rose  Red Rose, Spinningencourages Joy, Peace and Womanly Distinction 

ALHsuccesslines LLC is a spiritually based company with the perpetual mission to edify and empower, instill confidence and uplift, enhance life skills and advance toward achieving purposeful living--striving through wellness services and inspirational programs to be a beacon for the empowerment of females!


Angela Harris, MPC

Christian Therapy Services

  • Women Concerns Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution Counseling
  • Life Coach Counseling and Consultation
  • Special Needs Counseling
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression 
  • Youth/Teen Counseling

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Inspirational Children's Book

Mommy What is a CEO?

By Angela Harris

"Awarded Honorable Mention Children's Book at the New York Book Festival 2014" 

"Featured Book at the Congressional Legislative Conference"


ALHsuccesslines LLC Success Program for Girls

  • Youth Empowerment
  • Boost Self-Esteem
  • Encourage Critical Thinking Skills, Hope and Optimism
  • Inspire Initiative and entrepreneuralism
  • Reinforce effective communication skills
  • Introduce self-regulation and vision 
  • Effective coping skills 

Featured Posts by Angela Harris


A child is born. What a joy. What a delight. With each passing stage of development, parents eagerly behold the varied growth sprouts that take place. The child moves from newborn to infant and from toddler to youth. Parents observe the evolution of the child's personality. Some children are approachable, communicative and social while other children are bashful, reserved and quiet. Read more about shyness in children by Angela Harris (


Many women today are over-extended, over-whelmed and over-worked. In many instances, the burden of trying to do it "all" has impeded the ability to live purposeful lives. Therefore, the call for women is to take a breather, sit down and reflect on your purpose, devise a plan of action with the intent to uncover what you were really placed on this earth to do!  Click to read more.

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The Rose is meant to symbolize and encourage Joy, Peace and Womanly Distinction.
JOY embodies the notion for females to attain happiness and fulfillment each and every day.
PEACE is the appeal to let go of negative baggage. It is the need to find inner tranquility, allow self-confidence (not arrogance) to radiate from within as well as on the outside--and in doing so, our actions will be 
optimistic examples for other females to emulate.
WOMANLY DISTINCTION  acknowledges females as unique, phenomenal and exception women.